Eyeballs Matter – Get More Profile Views On LinkedIn

When it comes to achieving success on LinkedIn, eyeballs matter. This means you need to get people looking at your profile, considering your content and generally engaging with what you have to offer. This means that you need to be proactive in ensuring people take the time to see what you are all about. At InPower, we believe that LinkedIn is the ideal platform for businesses to use to achieve success, and here is a range of tips aimed at helping you get more profile views on LinkedIn.

Use a professional and up to date headshot or logo

You want to provide as professional an image as possible and first impressions count. It is likely that the first thing people will see of you or your company is the image attached to your profile. This means you want to make sure that this image is as professional as possible, that it is clear and that it is up to date. If you are focusing on your business profile, make sure that the logo is clear and can be seen and identified. A blurry or poor image sets the wrong impression for visitors and could see potential connections move on to someone else or another firm.

Review your headline

The headline sits to the right of your image and you have 120 characters to gran people’s attention. You want to entice people to read more and this means you should use keywords that indicate where your skills lie and what you want to achieve. Don’t be tempted to over-exaggerate your skills or potential because upon reading your profile, if the headline and skills or experience don’t match up, visitors to your profile will form a negative impression of you.

Create a strong summary

Your summary sits below the headline on your LinkedIn profile and it provides you with the chance to position yourself as an expert that can be relied upon. The minimum word count for the summary is 40 words but you have an opportunity to expand on his. You should discuss your industry, the challenges you face in this sector, the opportunities facing the industry and what you hope to achieve. Your summary shouldn’t just regurgitate your skills and experiences, it is an opportunity for you to showcase your personality and strengths.

Amend the URL LinkedIn provided you with

Upon setting up a profile, LinkedIn assigns a custom URL to you. This is a combination of letters and numbers and should change this. Ideally you should amend the URL to your first and last name but if you are unable to select this name, a middle name or initial should be used to create the URL.

List a minimum of five skills that are relevant to you

LinkedIn states that users who have a minimum of five skills listed in their profile benefit from 17 times more views than users who have fewer than five skills listed.  If you can, list more than five skills, you should do so but only list skills that you possess. In the long term, being economic with the truth about the skills you hold is not a smart idea.

Share posts and blogs

If you are in a position where you blog or create articles on a separate platform, make sure you share these articles on LinkedIn. Articles help to provide more insight into your expertise, hopefully positioning you as an authority in your sector.

Try to obtain testimonials

In the digital age, you need testimonials to show that you can undertake the task and work that you claim to. If you can receive testimonials from clients, employers, colleagues and customers, you will lend your profile an air of credibility.

These steps are helpful in ensuring more people view your profile but when it comes to making connections and then developing these links, it makes sense to turn to InPower.

InPower offers a range of LinkedIn services that help you to connect with the right people and then to make the most of these connections. If you need assistance in benefitting from LinkedIn, trust InPower to help you out.