Looking To Do Business Locally? LinkedIn Can Help

It is easy to see why some businesses think that social networks are not great for firms that have a local reach and audience. When you see the figures relating to global users of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you may think how can you ever find people within reach of your store or outlet. Thankfully, social networks are ideal for local businesses due to the various search options and demographics. If you are looking to reach a local audience, LinkedIn can help.

Be active in your local community

Some common tips for reaching out to a local audience on LinkedIn include:

  • Create or share content that is relevant to your local market
  • In images, use local landmarks or familiar locations
  • Share media that is relevant to your local audience
  • Search with local tags
  • Review local demographics
  • Join up with any localised groups and be an active member

You want to make sure that people know that you are based locally to them but using images and media, you can grab people’s attention. If you were to scroll through LinkedIn and you saw an image of a local landmark, you would stop, you would be intrigued, and you would want to do more. This is the same reaction that people would have when they saw your content, which means you have a much greater chance of engaging with this style of buyer.

Developing connections enhances your chances of reaching your audience successfully

Then again, while you can have as much localised content as you like, to reap the benefits of this local content, you need to have as many connections as you can. The more connections you have on LinkedIn, the greater the chance of people seeing the content you share. At InPower, we can help you make connections and as we offer communication and messaging services, you will find that we help you develop these relationships.

A greater number of connections places your business in front of more people and statistics indicate that having more connections leads to more endorsements. This is essential in the digital age because people are looking for proof of a firm’s capabilities before they engage with them or make an order from them. Therefore, if you are local to an interested party and you have endorsements on your profile page, it is far more likely that people will want to engage with you and see what you have to offer. This is often the starting point for business, but you need to carry out the initial work to ensure that you can benefit from this situation.

When it comes to making the most of your LinkedIn profile, it is understandable that many businesses and individuals are keen to get assistance. At InPower, we offer a range of LinkedIn services that will ensure you receive the best support and guidance for making connections and driving the right traffic to your profile and business. It is possible to generate local interest on LinkedIn and when you get in touch with InPower, we will show you how.