inPower: How An Estate Agency Can Benefit

As an estate agent operating in a competitive marketplace, you need to do more to win business and connect with people. However, most estate agents are already busy working on behalf of their clients, which limits the opportunity to develop relationships and strengthen connections. There is a need to work smarter, not necessarily harder, and inPower is an effective way for estate agents to flourish and prosper.

Social networking sites are of benefit because they place you in front of people you are interested in, but you need to find the right people. Don’t focus on the fact that social network sites play host to millions, if not billions, of people, focus on the fact that with a targeted approach, you can connect with the people you need to know in order to do business.

We target local people that are right for you

At inPower, we have the power to target local people as well as people operating in your sector. Whatever your specific audience is, and let’s be honest, not all estate agents have the same audience, we will help you engage with the right people. Quantity of connections can be helpful but when it comes to obtaining the best results and enjoying a good return on your time and effort, the quality of connections must be right, and this is what we offer.

If you would like to chance to target and connect with 1,000 new connections every single month, with these connections being local people and local business owners, inPower is the solution. The beauty of LinkedIn is that when used correctly, it can help you connect with the right professionals, with both parties benefitting. Our targeting services will help your estate agent connect to:

* Local developers

* National developers

* Housing Associations

* Block management companies

* Asset managers

* Local solicitors/conveyancers

* Local mortgage advisers

* National mortgage providers

* Property networks

* Other likeminded property professionals

* Local Landlords

* Landlord associations

* Local suppliers to property sector

These are the professionals you need to engage with to develop and enhance your business. We know that many estate agents struggle to maintain meaningful business relationships with local professionals but inPower can help. We message every new connection and with tailored communication, you will be remembered by the professionals you want to work with. As an estate agent, you know that much of your work isn’t about making a sale that day, it is about creating a relationship that pays off further down the line, which is why inPower is the ideal tool for your business.

InPower creates opportunities for your business

When you need introductions to people who will benefit your business, while knowing your work can benefit them, take the stress out of the situation by using out services. At inPower, we create opportunities that allow you to develop partnerships, win new businesses, be more prominent in your local community and strengthen your reputation.

We are delighted to offer the inPower managed service with an early bid offer, and you can sign up for £199 + VAT when you commit before 30th April 2018. This will provide you with a 12-month contract with a 90 days thereafter cancellation notice period.

As an estate agent, your key role is bringing people and houses together but with the support of inPower, you can get together with your audience and working partners with a minimum of time and effort.