inPower An Awesome Tool For Estate Agency Suppliers

Estate agency suppliers are involved in a competitive and challenging market. There are many estate agencies operating today but with most companies stating they are under significant pressure, most estate agency suppliers find themselves being asked to provide more value and often for less cash.

Therefore, estate agency suppliers need to find estate agencies they are happy to work with and develop relationships with. As with all businesses, networking is essential, and it is important to make connections. This can be time-consuming, but estate agencies should find that LinkedIn is an effective way to generate connections.

You can connect with estate agencies on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is of great benefit for estate agency suppliers because:

  • You have the chance to connect with the firms you wish to sell to
  • It is possible to develop long-term relationships that provide a platform for your business
  • You have a chance to showcase your credentials and prove you are the supplier worth working with

Of all the social media and networking platforms, LinkedIn is the most effective for business, but this isn’t to say that it is easy to promote your company on the platform. There is a lot of noise on LinkedIn which means it can be difficult to start conversations with people who you currently have no relationship with.

Even though LinkedIn is more professional in its tone and outlook than platforms like Facebook or Twitter, it is still a social platform. If you cold-call firms, there is a strong chance that you will get no response or the response you receive will not be a favourable one.

However, with the right introduction that is tailored and capable of showcasing your worth and merit, your connections provide you with the opportunity to make sales, develop relationships and grow your business.

This is where inPower comes into its own and if you are an estate agency supplier looking to connect with estate agents, you have the ideal platform to do so.

InPower provides you with solid introductions and connections

The time it can take to find possible connections and then make an introduction can be off-putting for estate agency suppliers. When there is no guarantee that finding a possible connection and then messaging will lead to a sale or a connection, many firms find it difficult to devote time or energy to the process.

However, the benefits of connecting with estate agents are obvious, which is why the inPower packages are a game changer for estate agency suppliers. No matter what package is selected, your agency will be connected with firms you wish to sell to and an invitation for connection will be made on your behalf.

There will also be a message sent on your behalf with some packages allowing for content to be sent alongside the invitation. This means that you aren’t “cold calling” firms you wish to engage with, giving your business an improved chance of developing a relationship or making sales.

There is a range of benefits provided by inPower but when it comes to finding people you wish to connect with and making the initial introductions, this is a method that saves time while improving the chances of a successful connection.

When your company is pushed for time, but you understand the importance of connecting with firms you can do business with, inPower allows you to harness the possibilities provided by LinkedIn. If you would like to learn more about the ways inPower can boost your business, get in touch.